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  is a full service software development firm.

How easy could setting up a real-time web site really be?  Ask us!

Easytrak and IMSI are committed to delivering professionally designed  products to our customers, on-time and within budget.

View our Flow Chart page to see actual project flowcharts used in developing web sites and database applications.

Small business systems starting at $5000.*

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Stone and Marble Suppliers

Flooring Suppliers

Trucking and Warehousing

Barcode Applications / Inventory Control

Chemical Disposal / Storage Tracking Systems

Food Manufactures - Production and Inventory Control


Contact us for more information at is a complete automated system designed to move your client side information to the web in real-time.  Applications include freight forwarders, trucking companies and many more.  All companies can benefit by making information available to customers on the web. will perform the job!  Let us assist your company by moving you into the new age of information freedom! 


We can also integrate third party tracking system information (UPS, FedEx, DHL etc.) with your new system!  Get all shipping status information in one stop!

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* All projects will be defined with the customer.  The project budget will be defined before any work begins.


Why   The applications that customers commonly discuss are tracking systems.   Order status is a priority for most companies and their customers.  Other applications are inventory tracking and availability, purchase order automation, project tracking and many more! can be used to transport any client information to the web.  What ever the need, our engines can easily be modified for any system requirements.  If you want your client data available on the web, can do the job! 1999-2000. All rights reserved.

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